How To Get Your Driver’s License in Wuxi

How To Get Your Driving License in Wuxi

Many years ago, we expats could bring a “translator” to our driving test in Wuxi. The “translator”, of course, didn’t translate anything and just answered the questions on the computer test for us. Now we have to do it ourselves. Here is your guide to getting it done.

You will need:

  • A valid driving license from your home country (驾驶照, jià shǐ zhào)
  • A photocopy of your driving license (both sides) (驾驶照复印本, jià shǐ zhào fù yìn běn)
  • A residence permit visa (you cannot get a driving license without a residence permit-style visa – these can be for visiting family, working, etc. It must be a residence permit, it cannot be an F visa, an L visa or any other) (居留许可证, jū liú xǔ kě zhèng)
  • 2 temporary residence forms (住宿登记,两份, zhù sù dēng jì)
  • To get these, you’ll need a photocopy of your passport’s ID page (护照复印本, hù zhào fù yìn běn), your current visa (居留许可证复印本, jū liú xǔ kě zhèng fù yìn běn), and a stamp of your last entry (上次入境复印本, shàng cì rù jìng fù yìn běn)

Step 1: Get 2 temporary residence forms (住宿登记 zhù sù dēng jì)

  • Go to your local police station (派出所, pài chū suǒ)and get your temporary residence form (住宿登记, zhù sù dēng jì). As mentioned above, you’ll need a photocopy of your passport’s ID page, your current visa, and a stamp of your last entry. Get 2 of them.
  • If you own the property you live in, bring a photocopy of the property deed. (房产证, fáng chǎn zhèng)
  • If you rent the property you live in, bring a photocopy of the lease. (房租合同, fáng zū hé tong)

Step 2: Get your Jingwai Renyuan Shenhe Zhengming (境外人员审核证明lián xì kǎ, jìng wài rén yuán shěn hé zhèng míng) from the Public Security Bureau (公安局,崇宁路, gōng ān jú)

  • Go to the Public Security Bureau in downtown Wuxi on Chongning Rd. The place that handles your visas.
  • With your temporary residence forms and your passport, ask for a (境外人员审核证明)or just tell them that you want to get a driving license (驾驶照 jià shǐ zhào).
  • They will give you the piece of paper and might take away one of your temporary residence forms.
  • It looks like this:

Step 3: Get your driving license translated into Chinese.

  • The traffic control department says that you must have your driving license translated into Chinese by their preferred agency. Go to this agency (it is not close to the traffic control department). 无锡涉外翻译事务所 Their address is: 无锡市对外友好服务中心,无锡市青祁路318号1楼大厅,青祁路与建筑路交叉口. It costs 100 yuan. Their phone number: 0510-85120368

Step 4: Take your documents to the traffic control department of the PSB (无锡车管所 – 湖南大道上, wú xī chē guǎn suǒ). Get your vision checked, your photo taken, and show them all of your documents.

  • Take all of your documents to the front desk of traffic control department. If your documentation is complete, they’ll have you get your vision checked in another building in the compound.
  • After your vision has been checked and your photos taken, the front desk at the traffic control department will give you a number to get your test card.
  • Once you have your test card, you are now eligible to take the computer test.

Step 5: Cram for the computer-based test

  • To pass the test, you must get 90 out of 100 correct. The total test bank has 1500 questions, all multiple-choice or true-false.
  • Download this test bank.
  • Download this test bank.
  • Read this for Mark Griffith’s excellent hand-signal chart.
  • There is no official guide for learning these rules, but you can use
    the test banks listed above. Unfortunately this test bank is somewhat out of date, and will cover about 80 to 90% of the questions that appear on the test. Even if you have it memorized, you will have to guess on a number of questions. Sound illogical? Welcome to China!
  • The test is available in many languages, English being the most popular for expats.

Step 6: Pass the computer test

  • As of the date of this publishing, computer-based testing for foreigners is every Tuesday and Friday; both mornings and afternoons. You can take the test twice every test date until you score at least 90. You may be able to take it a third time in a single sitting if you persuade the test manager.
  • There is no cost for taking the test. You are only charged 100 yuan for your driving license after you pass the computer test.
  • You get your driving license immediately after passing your test on the first floor of the traffic management bureau. It is valid for 6 years.
  • You must pass the computer test before your foreign driving license expires.

Step 7: Celebrate! (or repeat Steps 5 and 6)

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  1. I want to sincerely thank you for this post, without it I would not have been able to get my license.
    If you will allow me, I am guessing a few things changed since the publication of this article of yours.
    I did the test on 11 July 2014, and I will describe the differences I encountered.

    1. To get your Jingwai Renyuan Shenhe Zhengming (境外人员审核证明lián xì kǎ, jìng wài rén yuán shěn hé zhèng míng) you also need a letter from your employer where they acknowledge the fact of your intention of obtaining a drivers license. This must include your full names and passport number, and has to be in Chinese. It must also have your employee’s company’s official stamp on it. They will not give you this form without this letter. (PS. They did not even take this form at the traffic control department of the PSB. So I am not sure if you even need it anymore.)
    2. When you come in through the gates of the traffic control department first right, about 50m down the road on the right is a separate standing building. When you enter turn right and go the person right at the far end of the counter. Tell them you want your photo taken and pay 10 yuan, then tell the person next to them you want your vision checked. Pay the 8 yuan for that. They will both give you some small documents. Go back to the entrance and go up the stairs to the second floor. Turn left and go into room 204. Give them the one paper for your photo taken plus your passport and have your photo taken. They will not give you a physical photo. It is kept on their system. Now go to room 205 and have your vision and hearing tested. After that they will send you to room 207 where they will again take a photo. They will also give you an A4 sized document with your photo on it. Take this and all your documents to the main building.
    3. I would really suggest having someone with you that can speak Chinese. (If you cant) As you enter the main building there is a circular help desk right in front. Go there and tell them you want to take your Drivers test. They will ask you whether you’ve got all your documents ready, and you can show them. They will use your passport to give you a number. Go and sit and wait for your turn. Go to the desk when it is your turn, hand in all your documents. They will enter it into the system. At this point they will ask you for an additional photo, so make sure you have one with you. I think they stick it on your translated drivers license form you got earlier. (Your license from your country) They will give you a printed document and send you upstairs to the second floor.
    4. To your right as you get off the escalator there is a long counter, give them the printed document. They will give you another document, and show you where to go and do the actual test. After completing your test and passing, you will get another form which you take back to the counter you went right before the test. You will get another form which you must now take downstairs to counter 19 or 20. I only paid 40 yuan there, and then go to counter 21 and hand in the document you received at counter 19. They will then hand you your drivers license. So in total I only paid 18 plus 40 yuan for my license.
    PS. I only used the thinknao iPhone app and the test here: to study for the test. I did both of these tests over and over and over again until I basically kept on passing every time. The iPhone app is really good, and I also did not even purchase the full version.
    This link: posted above also contained really good information, and the hand signal chart here: also helped a lot.
    It is quite the mission to get your license, and I am really happy it is over!
    Good luck to everyone doing this!

  2. Wow, thanks for the thorough update! And we’re glad we could help.

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