3-on-3 Basketball Tournament at ISW (International School of Wuxi)

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament at ISW (International School of Wuxi)

Grab your shoes and get on the court – ISW and Wuxi City Guide are hosting our first annual Wuxi 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament.

All are welcome to join!

Date and Venue

Where: International School of Wuxi – ISW

(indoor basketball courts)

无锡市新区行创四路100号 邮政编码: 214028

100 Xinchuang 4th Rd., Wuxi, Jiangsu


When:  The morning of Saturday, November 14th and the morning of Sunday, November 15th. The exact time will be determined later.


Teams will be composed of only 3 players, with no substitutions allowed.

To allow a variety of participants in the 3-on-3 basketball tournament, we will first open registration to 3 different kinds of teams.


The No-Limit League – There will be no limit placed on the age or gender of any of the participants. We expect this league to be the most competitive

The Men’s and Women’s League – Each team must have at least one woman on their team.

The Men’s-Women’s-Children’s League – Each team must have at least one woman on their team, and at least one player under the age of 16.

Should the tournament not get enough teams to register, we reserve the right to cancel any league’s tournament. Registration money will of course be returned.

Tournament Structure

Depending on the number of teams registered, we will play either a round-robin, a single-elimination, or double-elimination tournament.


To register, please email us at directory@wuxicityguide.com.

Please provide the following information:

  •  The names, birth dates, passport numbers, passport nationalities, email addresses, and phone numbers of all 3 members of your team.
  • Passport information will be used only for insurance purposes.
  • The league which you wish to enter – No Limits, Men’s-and-Women’s, or Men’s-Women’s-and-Children’s League.
  • The name of your team.

The registration deadline is November 9th. The registration fee is 300 RMB.

Everyone is welcome to join. Slots are limited. To register, please email us at directory@wuxicityguide.com.



3-on-3 basketball tournament rules

The winning team is the first team to 11. If a team has not reached 11 within 30 minutes, the game will be stopped and the leading team will be awarded the win.

After a score, the ball goes to the defending team.

2 points for any shot behind the 3-point arc, and 1 point for any other shot.

  • Fouls will be called by referees. There will be 1 foul shot for any shooting foul. The ball will go to the defending team after a foul shot. There will be potential 2-point and 3-point plays for shooting fouls on made baskets.
  • There will be a maximum of 7 team fouls in a given game. Any foul committed after 7 team fouls will result in 1 point  being awarded to the team that was fouled, and the ball will be given to the fouled team.
  • The game will be paused for any player who is bleeding. If the on-site nurse is unable to stop the bleeding within a reasonable amount of time, the team must continue to play short-handed or forfeit the game.


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