Jiangnan 100 Series – Qingyuan (Zhejiang) Race – FREE FOR EXPATS

Qingyuan Race Image

DATES: 25-26 May 2019

Qingyuan City, Zhejiang Province, China 

START Day 1: Qingyuan City, Shimin Square
FINISH Day 1: Yueshan Village
START Day 2: Yueshan Village
FINISH Day 2: Daji Village

With three options and a route that takes you through some of the most beautiful countryside in China, this race in gorgeous Zhejiang Province is not to be missed. Read on for the daily breakdown and race schedule!

Day 1 — 25 May 2019 — Lanxi Bridge Group (pink route)

Distance: 35 km

ITRA/UTMB points 1 

Elevation gain: 1330m 

Cutoff time: 11.5 hrs.

Starting location: Qingyuan City Shimin Square

Starting time: 25 May 2019  07:00 

Finish: Yueshan Villlage  25 May 2019  18:30

Days 1 & 2 Rulong Bridge Stage Group (purple route)

Distance: 65 km (35km + 30 km) 

ITRA/UTMB points: 2

Elevation gain: 1330 m + 1400 m

Cutoff time: 22 hrs. (11.5 hrs + 10.5 hrs)

Starting location: Qingyuan City Shimin Square

Starting time: 25 May 2019  07:00 

Finish: Daji Villlage  26 May 2019  19:30

Map view of entire two-day course:

Qingyuan Race Map

Race schedule:

Qingyuan Race Pic

The options open to runners are as follows:

12 km (25 May)

35 km (25 May)

35 km + 30 km (25-26 May)

The package includes:

Transportation: Bus from Lishui High Speed Train Station to Qingyuan

Hostel: 2 nights

Race fee

The entire package – including transportation, a hostel for two nights, and the race fee, is FREE for expatsAll you need to pay is a non-refundable 100rmb administration fee! Athletes can decide whether or not to race on both days or just the first day – it’s up to you!

Bus Details

For transportation to the race venue, we have arranged a FREE bus from LISHUI RAILWAY STATION to QINGYUAN. The first bus will depart at 15:30 on Friday, May 24th, and the second bus will depart at 21:30 on Friday, May 24th.

Please note: You will be responsible for getting to LISHUI RAILWAY STATION. The free bus only goes from the station to Qingyuan.

Please contact Diana @ 13616195560 (phone/WeChat) to sign up for this event.

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