Eslite 诚品书店
268 Wang Dun Road, Yuan Rong Times Square, Building 21, 1F
苏州市姑苏区旺墩路 268 号圆融时代 广场 20幢1楼
Okay, you got us. This place is actually in Suzhou. However, it is the closest place to find English books that weren't written several hundred years ago.

Photo of Obido Educational Group
Obido Educational Group 欧贝豆
302-801 Hongqiao Rd, Modern International Industrial Design

An expat-founded educational group with a great selection of high-quality books and toys.

Zhong Shu Ge 钟书阁
309, 3F, Hongdou Cheerful City, 531 Zhongshan Rd.
中山路531号红豆万花城3F 309

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