Indian Cuisine

Photo of Ganesh
Ganesh 无锡甘尼仕印度餐厅 wúxīgānníshìyìndùcāntīng
9 Yongle Rd, 39 Yangchun Alley (Behind Hotel Nikko)
Expanding from Nanjing, this popular Indian restaurant also offers a huge selection of international beers.

Red Lion 无锡瑞德餐厅酒吧 Wúxī ruìdé cāntīng jiǔbā
E. Yongle Rd, Nanchang Wenhua St, 7-2 Jintai (across from Hotel Nikko)
Red Lion is a popular destination for Wuxi expats. It has a huge drink list and a large Western menu as well as a Bangladeshi chef who serves up Indian-style curries. Open Daily 5 pm  

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