Local Shopping

Chaoyang Flower Market 朝阳鲜花市场 cháoyáng xiānhuā shìchǎng
132 E. Xueqian St.
Another market full of small florists.

Cloth Market 布料市场 bùliàoshìchǎng
88 Houxixi

The Cloth Market is the place to get tailor-made clothes. Cloth retailers and tailors are all clustered together in this market.

Tianpeng Seafood Market 天鹏海鲜城 tiānpénghǎixiānchéng
2F, Building 11, Tianpeng Seafood Market, 88 Tongsha Rd
Website: http://www.cffm.com/ Tianpeng Seafood market is the place to go for fresh seafood. The first floor sells it raw, the second floor cooks it (it’s full of restaurants).

Wuxi Leather City 东方国际皮革城 dōngfāngguójìpígéchéng
N. Xishan Youyi Rd. (southeast of the Rongyang neighborhood health services station)
Website: http://www.eiltc.com A huge collection of shops that specialize in leather products.

Zhao Shang Market 招商城 zhāoshāngchéng
88 Tangnan Rd
Zhao Shang Market is a colossal collection of small independent shops selling literally everything. Toys, furniture, clothes, etc. If you’re looking to buy something cheaply this is the place to go.

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