Wuxi has 2 main train stations – Wuxi Station ( 无锡火车站, wú xī huǒ chē zhàn ) and Wuxi New District Station. ( 无锡新区火车站, wú xī xīn qū huǒ chē zhàn ) Chinese train numbers will give you an idea about how fast they are. The slowest trains have only numbers (like 1034), then N trains (like N342), then K trains (like K4820), then T trains (like T71), and then D trains (like D3008). G trains are the fastest. D trains (called 动车, dòng chē ) and G trains (called 高铁车, gāo tiě chē ) are the most popular and best choices for most inter-city travel.
Buses and Public
Transportation Cards
Buses cost 2 RMB to ride if you pay in cash, and 1.2 RMB if you use a public transportation card. They are very safe and convenient. The only problem for expats is that the bus stop names are all in Chinese. Newer buses have a route map placed on the walls and ceiling which can help you determine where to get off the bus. You can purchase public transportation cards ( 公交卡 gōng jiāo kǎ ) and swipe them every time you take the bus. To buy a transportation card, you need to pay a 30 RMB deposit, and then you can add money to the card when it runs out. The cards may be topped up at machines located in many subway stations in Wuxi. Some taxis will also accept public transportation cards for payment. Here are a list of locations where you can buy and get refunds for your public transportation cards:

1. 长庆路6-5 号
2. 火车站东广场(40-3 号)
3. 石门路14 号
4. 锡惠路6 号

5. 朝阳广场12 路调度站
6. 中南公交停车场內
7. 新区分公司门口
8. 洛社天奇城47-105
9. 广南路588 号

10. 保利广场对面锡洲商业银行大厅

Wuxi’s Airport
Wuxi has 1 airport, called Wuxi Shuofang Airport ( 无锡放机场). Usually you can just tell the taxi drivers “airport” (机场), and they’ll know where to take you. Wuxi has many flights to other major Chinese cities. Wuxi has international flights to Hong Kong, Macao, Osaka, Taipei, and Bangkok. Wuxi has domestic flights to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Kunming, Chongqing, Dalian, Wuhan, Tianjin, Xian, Lanzhou, Changsha, Guiyang, Zhangjiajie, and Foshan.
Shanghai’s Airports
Many expats flying to distant destinations will usually depart from one of Shanghai’s airports. Shanghai has 2 airports, the older Hongqiao ( 上海虹桥机场 shàng hǎi hóng qiáo jī chǎng ) airport in western Shanghai, and the newer Pudong airport (上海浦东机场 shàng hǎi pǔ dōng jī chǎng ) far east of Shanghai. Both are international airports, but Pudong has far more international flights, and Hongqiao has far more domestic flights. Before you go to either airport, find out which terminal your flight is in. There is a significant walking distance between the two terminals.
How to get to Shanghai’s airports
There are many D and G trains that go to Hongqiao Train station. Hongqiao airport is just another subway stop away on Line 2. Pudong Airport is at the very end of Line 2, but it will usually take an hour to reach it. Pudong airport is far away from downtown Shanghai. Many expats in Wuxi will hire a private taxi to drive them to Pudong Airport just to save on the hassle of carrying luggage between the train, subway, and airport terminal. 1-way trips to Pudong Airport usually cost around 500 RMB. There are long-distance buses that go to Pudong and Honqgiao airport. These long distance buses leave from Wuxi Central Station. They cost 100 RMB and usually run from morning to afternoon. It usually takes 2 hours to get to Hongqiao airport, and 3 hours to Pudong airport.
The base taxi fare is 10 yuan, and that’s the price for anywhere within 3 km. If you need to call a taxi, dial 88008800 and tell them your location. They will send you a text message to confirm your reservation along with the taxi’s license plate. Sometimes the taxi driver will call you up to confirm your location. Wuxi also has many unlicensed private taxis ( 黑车, hēi chē). If you use them, negotiate your price before you set off. Private taxi prices are usually a little lower than a regular taxi.

Huishan Train Station 无锡惠山高铁站 wúxīhuìshāngāotiězhàn
Jingyi Rd

Wuxi Central Station 无锡中央汽车站 wúxīzhōngyāngqìchēzhàn
222 W. Xihu Rd

Wuxi Central Station is a large expansion of the old Wuxi train station. This one complex houses the old Wuxi train station, the Wuxi High-Speed Train Station, and most of Wuxi’s long-distance buses. Most inter-city traffic goes through here. Slower long distance trains run through the Wuxi Train Station (无锡火车站 wú xī huǒ chē zhàn), the southernmost building. Very fast trains (G and D trains) run through the Wuxi High-Speed Train Station (无锡高铁站 wú xī gāo tiě zhàn), the middle building. Long-distance buses (coaches) run through Wuxi Central Station (无锡中央汽车站 wú xī zhōng yàng qì chē zhàn), the northernmost building.

Wuxi High-Speed East Train Station 高铁无锡东站 gāotiěwúxīdōngzhàn
Xingwu Rd and Anzhen St

Wuxi High-Speed Train Station 无锡高铁北广场 wúxīgāotiěběiguǎngchǎng
1 Chezhan Rd

Wuxi New District High-Speed Train Station 无锡新区高铁站 wúxīxīnqūgāotiězhàn
Intersection of Xinhua Rd and Zhujiang Rd

Wuxi Sunan Shuofang Airport 无锡硕放机场 wúxīshuòfàngjīchǎng
Konggang 6th Rd
Wuxi’s Shuofang Airport has changed its name to Sunan (Southern Jiangsu) Airport. Some signage retains the old name. Don’t be confused, there is still only one airport in Wuxi.

Wuxi Train Station 无锡火车站 wúxīhuǒchēzhàn
1 Chezhan Rd

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